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Good Day,

If you know me you know that I AM a very passionate teacher.

Education liberates if it’s authentic.

Want Empowering Education? Consult our firm! 🙂

Purpose: To empower, equip and invest in tomorrow’s leaders.

Core Values:
1. Empower
2. Equip
3. Invest

To empower is to enable with means and opportunity, to develop confidence in inherent abilities towards the realization of one’s own potential and ultimately motivating success through knowledge of Christ’s love.

To equip is to furnish for service or action by appropriate provisioning, dress, array, to make ready and/or prepare.

To invest is to array in the symbols of office or honor, to furnish with power or authority, to endow with a quality, to infuse and commit money in order to earn a financial return.

Empowerment Initiatives:
>Life Coaching
>Socratic Seminars
>Parent Outreach

Our children WILL overcome when WE pour Love into them!!!

Thoughts from some of my collegiate students on who I AM:

Good Evening Tiffany,
If I don’t get another chance to say it, you have been a wonderful instructor. I love having people like you that are passionate about their work. It keeps a level of interest in the atmosphere.
Thank you,
Corrinne Corbisiero

hey there, I miss your class I look at my life and my environment so much more differently because of you. I want to thank you for everything Ms. B. really.
Maurice Bembry

Dear Professor Buchanan,
I thank you for those wonderful words you sent me yesterday. They are all that I have thought about since first reading them. I was so overwhelmed that when I tried to respond, the words would not come. It is rare that I meet someone such as yourself, that I not only feel is an excellent teacher, but someone I have the utmost respect for as a fellow human being. I will carry your words with me wherever I may go and will always remember this class. I may be an older student, but I believe that life itself is a learning process from beginning to end and I love to learn. You have sparked a fire within me, and who knows, once I get my degree, I may spend the rest of my life fighting for equality for everyone. For now, I will try it with one person at a time.
Thank you again,
Cathy Walp

Thought this might interest you, Tiffany. Your Sociology class has opened my eyes to a whole lot of today’s realities. Thanks to your blunt style of lecture. I like your unbiased gut. Someday, I’ll be like you.
Your student,
Kenneth Igben

Thank you for your considered and honest words. I am touched by your story and that you shared such personal information with me. First, I want to offer you this… Your class, and even more so your personal communications with me, have broadened my understanding of the subject. I’ve also been very impressed with how well you have maintained your equanimity; this is a topic you have strong reason to be touchy about, yet you have remained steadfastly calm and polite in all your responses to me. That’s a lot of patience; I doubt I could do so well.
Kind regards,
Dan Churchman

I would also like to thank you for being a great professor. You are just the second professor in my online education experience that taught with great passion and knowledge. Thank you for everything.
Peter Volante

Thanks for everything. I appreciate how you pushed us to think outside the box and face difficult but true situations. There were uncomfortable moments but they taught me that I can face much more than I think I can.
Christine Conway:)

As an injured soldier returning from Iraq, I want to say thank you. I have listened to your lectures. I have not always been in a position to listen in or participate in live chat, but I have used the chat archive. I have for so long wondered if everybody was asleep and what would it take to wake everybody up and say hey can’t you see what is going on, don’t you see what is happening, We are all in this together. Your lectures and your enthusiasm has helped me so much in my recovery. I hope to download your lectures to my i-pod if they will allow me too. They inspire and give hope. I wish you much success in whatever you endeavor to do, You certainly are a very understanding and knowledgeable person in sociology, I believe that sociology should be taught from the first grade all the way thru high school. We need more understanding and tolerance of each other, and we also need to see clearly what we as mankind need to recognize and face as reality. Bless You.
Vernis Daniel

Hi Tiffany,
You have a way of connecting with people even though we were in class through online technology..I always felt like I was sitting there in a room with you. So as you continue to revise and improve your class (and I know you will) keep these qualities. I know you had no way of knowing, but this student went from hating the thought of this class to wishing it wasn’t over so soon. You help your students more than you may realize. I guess what I’m trying to say is over the past five and a half weeks you have taught more than just the subject matter. At least for one student you have taught how to see things in a different light (or as you would say “different lens”). Thank you so much for this class and doing what you do. It has been an Enjoyable class. I hope you keep teaching because if you can teach an old dog new tricks I can just imagine what you’re doing for the puppies!
Thank you so much,
Sanford “Dean” Hainey

PRESSING forward in pursuit of the children!!!

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with passion,

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FREEDOM is a Covenant Right

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I’ve been meditating and pondering the “free-est” point in scripture and I found myself in Genesis, the beginning.  In the beginning we were one with God, the Creator of the entire universe.

We walked along side God in the cosmic garden completely authentic and naked allowing our core self to be created by the Source of all true relationship.  Love is the core of God’s nature and the gift of his friendship and familial Kingdom.  Even God himself is love (1 Jn 4:8). 

Love, as our core relationship, liberates us.  It’s the place and time within infinity where we’re restored to that beautiful garden, walking with God, gaining from his brilliant majestic Light, completely naked before Him and free to be loved and to give love…that’s heavenly FREEDOM!

Won’t U join me and walk in the freedom of Love???

with peace and joy!


Truth from the Depths Within

•November 10, 2009 • 2 Comments

Breathing in Love

Focusing the passion within;
I discover more,
I discover Breath—-
I discover Life,
I discover Love that is limitless in an ever-expanding galaxy.

Closing my eyes;
Taking a moment of stillness
To release anxiety—
To release false desires,
To taste the delicacy of delicious Peace.

Inside of me
In the depths of all that I AM
Lingers your touch…
Lingers the sweet honey that drips from your lips.

Today I breathe.
I breathe deeply.
I breathe slowly
I breathe to let go in the sacred space that dwells within.

Allowing the Breath of Life to enter my mind.
To enter my desires,
To enter my heart—
For surely Love lies within.

In the mist of movement all around,

I AM…..

Breathing with purpose,
With intention
With direction
With contentment
With pleasurable unending fulfillment.


Because You breathed into me
The Breath of Life, my King.
I surrender all to the breath that fills my essence,
The essence of pomegranate gardens that never stop blooming
For surely springtime is awaiting you;

And I breathe, long deep penetrating breathes—–
Drawing you into the place that only you know how to reach, O Breath.
Where peace and love infinitely abound,
Where passion exists simply because.

So I slowly with fire breaths…….


tdb 1/2009


Captivated by the depth of your voice,
Captivated by the passion of your touch,
Captivated by the breath that breathes into the depths
Of my blossoming universal essence.

Captivated by your brilliance…
Captivated by the beauty of your feet,
Captivated by the sweetness that reaches my heart–
Captivated by the whispers in the still of the morning
Because you are All.

You are immeasurable,
You are ineffable,
You are majestic,
You are magnificant
You are truly, passionately infinite!
Because you are All.

Skipping through the rainbows spoken on my path,
Dancing in the wind you embrace me in
Spinning atop the mountains you lift me to—

Oh Adonai,
Allow me to love you…
Allow me to surrender all that I AM
Allow me to be filled with your passion
Allow me to pour out on your feet…purpose
With complete dependency.
Surely you are All


Captivated by You, Love.

tdb 8/2009

The Ineffable Journey

[Dedicated to the unrecognized queens]

Reminding you of a journey that began before there was a you-
Leading you into the depths of darkness
That is yet surrounded by Light.
Truth is a struggle that only exists beyond time,
Beyond sight-
Beyond thought.

Letting the essence of my spirit speak what words are unable to capture.
Listen carefully beloved-
Resist allowing your mind to create foolish knowledge,
True knowledge only the heart understands.
Yet only those who’ve used the rock as a pillow understand
Who the Comforter is.

I speak for the queens who have cried from their wombs,
The daughters who crawl hoping for relief.
I speak for those who lay at the gate called Beautiful-
Waiting for the Majestic, Awesome, Glorious One that is rich in love.

Let not pride hinder your eyes from His beautiful feet,
Let not sorrow hold you from raising your hands-
Let not hurt steal your voice;
Let not anger take your love, queen!

For today is a birth day,
It’s the birth of your joy-
Your hope
Your peace.
The birth of a new creature-
That comes only through and lives for Love.

Remember now,
There is a season for all beautiful things.
And it comes from the former and latter rains.
As they nourish and saturate the dark places-
So that the Light can bring forth what is unseen.

So as we journey think not with your mind beloved-
But rather let your heart show you the Way,
The Way that John prepared for such a time as this.
Right now
In this moment
Right now
In this moment
Right now
In this moment!
Decide to walk, to run, and even to crawl to live.

tdb 2006

Penetrated in my Core

There is a place that Love knows…
It’s the place where the mountains roll
It’s the place where flowers blossom,
It’s the place where the universe spins.
I spend my days walking on clouds
As the warmth of the Sun draws me in–
Into the place where joy abounds
The place where my smile sings a melody
Of Love.

Soaked and saturated
Soaked and saturated…
In the bliss of every moment–
I breathe.
I smile,
I share good morning’s;
And I am soaked and saturated.

The rhythm of the rushing waters
Cascading down the earthen chiseled rocks,
Soothes the ever-expanding universe within
With such a gentle touch;
Love is around every corner.

Closing my eyes I let my neck relax
And I enjoy,
I enjoy life
I enjoy the moment
I enjoy the second
Because Love is penetrating into the core–
Of all that I am.

tdb 2009

The Breath of Freedom

Breathe deeply right now,
Right in the place that U R.
See over, beyond and past–
The past;
Look forward…
2 the hope, the joy, the peace
That lies before U!

Clear out the clutter of UR heart–
Listen with UR eyes
Hear with UR heart,
And C into the unseen before U were a U.

U remember
U know there is Life,
U question all that U perceive because truth is a lie–
Oppressed into UR thoughts until UR captive within.

I whisper 2 show U the Way;
The Way that I skip along
Spinning in fields of blossoming Sun-flowers.
Because where the Spirit–
Of the Lord is,

There is Freedom!
Hear the voice of I AM
Calling U
Beckoning U
To come forth out of dead places,
Breathe in freedom, breathe in freedom.

Move towards Love
B Love
Offer Love
Dance 2 the melody of Love,
And breathe past the past–
Freedom awaits U…

tdb 2009

(google images, 2009)


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Good Day World!

I want to ponder today the creative aspect of the Creative Genius in us.  Some may say, “Tiffany, what do you mean ‘Creative Genius?'”  My response to that is come sit and breathe with me on the mount and I will show you.

As a social scientist, we can confirm by our everyday reality that WE create and recreate our inter-dependent human social existence.  Hatred exists because humans hate, inequality exists because humans rank, categorize, choose selfish individualism rather than caring for our neighbor.  Thus from a humanistic paradigm we ARE creators.

But as we journey to sit on the mount we step away from studying the ever-changing unstable nature of humanness.  Instead we stare up into the ever-expanding cosmic reality that moves with such an elegant symmetry that our inner nature longs to fall into rhythm with it.  The Creator of all that exists who first conceived of the galaxy, the nebulas that sing rainbows across the heavens, the planets that spin with a precision which allows us to grasp the mathematics to Life is the Creative Genius, Abba, Father that I am speaking about.

As a spark, dimension and image of the Creator on earth, we too ARE then creators from a spiritual paradigm.  We create our day-to-day by how we choose 2 see and respond.  We CHOOSE everyday who we are, how we’ll treat people, what excuses we use to be angry, judgmental, unforgiving and/or selfish.  The most perfect image of God is Love.  (1 John 4:8) 

Thus, our role as Creators is to BE love in the earth, to pursue Love on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves (the widow, the fatherless, the broken) and to create love one person at a time beginning with self.  This day our excuses 4 what we allow has crumbled and perished into dust because WE are creators!

So today, as I introduce myself to the world.  I come as a Creator with the power and authority to construct reality from all dimensions…want 2 join me???

Deep Thought,



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